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Web Hosting Services in Delhi-NCR

Your website might be awesome but where is it hosted?

Like every great billionaire has a great home, every website has unique web hosting needs. Before you choose a web host, there some key questions to answer:

  • What is your website's use? Is it for company information or will it be more user-interactive like an e-commerce site?
  • Will your website contain customer database where sensitive information is managed?
  • Do you intend to expand your business and add website functions?
  • What are the number of pages your website will have?
  • What kind of website traffic are you looking forward to? Will it see slow and steady growth? Or will it see huge spikes in traffic like e-commerce?
  • Will you use web software integrations?
  • Do you want email hosting inbuilt?

There are hundreds if not thousands of web hosting companies in India, but how do you know which one is right?
If you Google- Web Hosting Services in Delhi-NCR, you'll likely find hundreds of options.
Yet, having a plethora of options answers none of your web hosting needs. You need to choose the web hosts that fit the following criteria:

  • Number of pages in your site
  • Number and size of images & videos on the site
  • Expected traffic levels
  • Possibility of software integrations
  • Plans to expand business
  • Website functionality (Databases, secure information transfer)
  • Special coding needs
  • Email hosting needs

There are many aspects business owners like you need to consider, when it comes to web hosting.

Why choose Substance Digital for Web Hosting?

As a creative web design & development agency, we understand the importance of web hosting for your business. You need your website to be discoverable, accessible and actionable.

For that Substance Digital is your best buddy- we provide a wide range of hosting types and options for your website:

We provide a range of creative branding & digital marketing services, let’s examine a few:

  • Shared Hosting: When your website is stored on a server with several other websites.
  • VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Server (or VPS) contains lesser number of websites in the same server.
  • Dedicated Hosting: The server belongs to only you, but is very expensive.
  • Cloud Hosting: Decentralised server setup which enables scaling-up on demand.

  • With creative flair and tech-savvy mindsets, Substance Digital is your go-to choice for the best web hosting service in Delhi-NCR.

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