What are the current SEO trends?

current SEO trends

What are the current SEO trends?

The present-day state of branding is characterised by the fact that commerce is now global and surpasses physical barriers to creep into a digital world dominated by SEO market trends. Even with this transition to the web, the market remains a bustling hub of activity as companies lock horns in intense competition with each other- all seeking triumph. India’s no exception to this. Delhi, the capital of the country, is home to a particularly intense version of this corporate battle where using the appropriate strategies becomes essential. To succeed in this digital landscape, businesses need to pay attention to the search engine’s crucial algorithms. Similar to how professors in a classroom pay more regard to students who study hard and show interest in the subject matter, search engines also prioritize websites that focus on content optimization, keyword research, and placement. Substance Digital, your go-to place for effective SEO Marketing, equips your business and ideas with the combined expertise of our strategists and Search Engine professionals. We provide you with a variety of battle-tested tactics to increase the number of organic search results, which will increase both the number of visitors and the return on investment for your website. However, to better comprehend and make use of Search Engine Optimisation, we must understand the current SEO trends that shape the Indian market.

Five SEO Trends that Dominate the Indian Market

1. Local SEO

A collection of procedures known as SEO, or search engine optimization, aims to place websites higher in the organic search results of major browsers like Google and Bing. Companies that manage their functioning through a physical location typically use a more customized version of this technique called local SEO. Businesses wanting to stay in the game and keep growing are actively using local SEO to maintain a strong online presence and make their brand stand out. With the support of a brilliant team of SEO specialists, we, at Substance Digital, assist you in developing the best strategies to increase local traffic, exposure, and brand awareness.

2. Artificial Intelligence

As they say “When in Rome do as the Romans do”, learning the ways of Search Engines can be very instrumental in succeeding online. To better comprehend and rank websites, many SEO algorithms make use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Thus, interpreting and understanding how these algorithms decipher and process the information can help businesses generate more suitable content. Furthermore, employing AI and ML for keyword research and content optimization can also help businesses formulate better strategies.

3. Mobile-First Indexing

In the Indian markets of today where cut-throat competition reigns supreme, a well-designed website is your brand’s key doorway to the audience. With smartphones gaining more and more importance, the current online market trends deem it necessary for your websites to be mobile-ready. According to mobile-first indexing, Google’s web crawler prioritizes indexing the mobile version of a website’s content over its desktop counterpart. In a country like India, where mobile internet usage is widespread, making sure your website is mobile-friendly is crucial for SEO performance. As industry leaders, we, at Substance Digital, are aware that between 70 and 90% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. And so, we take pride in presenting before you an experienced team of mobile website and Android app design professionals who ensure that your brand attracts its due attention and that your visitors have a lasting impression.

4. Video Content

Your audience can be very well categorised as visualizers or verbalisers. While visualizers seek to digest data using visual aids, verbalizers are more likely to interpret information in language forms. Given that the former predominates in the current market environment, it is critical to acknowledge that the attention span of today's audience is short. Therefore, firms need to invest more in visually appealing marketing strategies to appeal to customers. Accounting for about 80% of the entire traffic, SEO tends to rank video content higher in the search results pages. Allowing your brand to present itself to the general public through a myriad of compelling moving images, Substance Digital features a team of competent artists who help you boost your online visibility and traffic.

5. Content Relevance and Length

Producing and distributing engaging material that is tailored to an audience's requirements and preferences is known as content marketing. It is generally agreed that content is branding’s fire, and when coupled with the fuel of effective SEO marketing, it can very well deliver amazing outcomes. Businesses may effectively leverage content marketing by identifying and connecting with the audience, fostering user-generated content, identifying and analyzing local trends, and monitoring the outcomes. Recognising the value of long-form content in search engine optimization, Substance Digital remains forever armed with a talented squad of content writers and digital marketers who pursue to create comprehensive material for your websites to help them rank higher.


The landscape of search engines is always governed by a set of trends and is subject to changes. What may seem apt today may over time lose its charm and be replaced by another more suitable trend. However, the aforementioned points are likely to be universal, that is to say, they may not be disturbed by the drifts caused in the online market. Helping you to stay updated with the ever-changing digital domain, we, at Substance Digital arm you with the right SEO marketing strategies and help you conquer the Indian market with ease.

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