Why Are We A Hybrid Marketing Agency?

Hybrid Digital Marketing Agency in India

Why Are We A Hybrid Marketing Agency?

Hybrid marketing is a form of advertising that blends traditional and internet marketing. Instead of focusing primarily on online platforms or personal touch-points, hybrid marketing combines both to produce a more efficient and comprehensive outreach strategy. At Substance Digital, as a hybrid marketing agency we combine and complement marketing strategies from both aspects.

• Traditional Marketing
• Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing- The traditional marketing covers mailers and flyers, trade shows, events, print ads, radio ads, television ads, static signage, public relations, and billboards. While on the other side digital marketing is different from it.

Digital Marketing- The digital marketing covers search engine marketing, social media, blogging, inbound marketing, text advertising, email marketing, display advertising, and guest posting.

Hybrid marketing is a novel and emerging concept that is also known as marketing across all channels or multiple platforms of advertising. The nomenclature is adaptable, as is the notion. Hybrid, omni-channel sales, and multi-channel branding are flexible methods for advertising a brand, goods, or service using a variety of yet complementary methods.

Outlining a Hybrid Marketing Strategy

A hybrid marketing strategy, like most others, begins with establishing your target audience and goals. When creating a campaign or marketing, begin by evaluating:

  • Justify the core message you want to share
  • Know your target audience
  • Portals wherever you can get your target audience
  • Get information about your users that where they spent time either in-person or online
  • The outcome that you want to create
  • Measure results based on your campaign

Once you've identified all of the above, determine the journey and platforms that are most likely to engage with your target audience and assist you achieve your objectives. Assume you're offering promotional products. Your first step would be to define two or three buyer journeys that drive leads to your conversion. Make a list of every possible marketing touch-point they could come across on their path. Create plans to utilize the digital and traditional channels with which they will interact to implement a comprehensive hybrid marketing campaign.

Hybrid Marketing Guidelines

Consider a few excellent practices when developing a hybrid marketing strategy.

Use regular branding- Hybrid marketing messages are sent across numerous platforms, but they should always appear to be from the same source. Use regular branding components, colours, and typefaces to ensure that your audience can always recognize your brand. Get our no-obligation branding guide for advice on developing a consistent appearance and feel for your company.

Make your interactions feel effortless- Like branding, the hybrid marketing experience should be easy and consistent. Every customer interaction should feel integrated and cohesive. Consider the interactions between your offline and online connections. Ensure that a customer sees anything in your store or at an exposition and finds the same information on your web platforms.

Modify material for the platform- While branding, the message, and overall experience should be constant they should also appear natural in their surroundings. Don't copy and paste information from a single platform to another. Study the unique characteristics of each channel and be creative in tailoring your material to the medium. For example, you should not reprint manuals as PDFs on your website. Replace the content with blog post data to match the native format.


At Substance Digital, we stands out as a hybrid marketing agency because of our unique ability to effortlessly merge traditional and digital marketing methods, providing customers with an extensive strategy to attaining their objectives. We provide customers with an extensive toolkit for effectively reaching their target audience by combining the power of traditional channels such as newspaper, television, and outdoor advertisements with digital platforms such as social networking sites, search engine optimisation, and email marketing.

This hybrid strategy allows Substance Digital to react to the changing promotional landscape by harnessing the advantages of each channel to maximize outcomes for customers. Whether it's increasing brand awareness, boosting website traffic, or producing inquiries and changes, our hybrid strategy ensures that clients get customized approaches that produce results.

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